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Our Company

Digital Healer is a NYC based computer consulting firm founded in 2004. Collectivity, our staff possesses over 40 years experience supporting every aspect of technology relative to a computer network. We are fluent in both Mac and PC. We have certifications from Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, etc…

What sets us apart?
We started as end users just like you. We make it a priority to only hire individuals who have previously had professional experience outside the realm of IT. We don’t hire employees straight out of “IT Tech University”. Instead, we look for individuals who have used and discovered technology as a means to success in another field.

It’s important to us that our consultants can relate to you and ” speak your language “. In our prior careers we have experienced the chasm that often occurs between the office staff and the IT department. Digital Healer has made a business of bridging that gap.

In previous lives, our consultants have been a Restaurant Manager, Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Medical Video Producer, Office Manager, Archivist, Sound Engineer, Tour Manager, Artist Agent, Teacher, Technical Writer, Video Editor, Roofer, Touring Musician, Jingle Composer, and more. We can relate.