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Digital Healer is a premiere Macintosh consulting firm.  We LOVE Macs.  We have extensive experience supporting all things Apple since OS 6.0.

Our Mac Consultants and Mac Technicians have been working with Macs for over 15 years.  We’ve deployed and supported countless iMacs, MacPros, MacBooks, Mac Minis, and Xserves over the years.  We are fluent in all versions of Mac OS X and Mac OS X Server.  We are also well versed in all the creative applications (Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut, Logic, etc…) that go hand in hand with owning a Mac.

And since most larger Mac networks have PC’s (we do those too), we excel at making them play nice.  Cross Platform networks are right in our comfort zone.  We also manage many Mac departments within very large corporate PC Networks, working together with in house IT Departments, whose focus is better spent on the majority PC infrastructure.

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